‘My addiction did not help’: The Hills star Jason Wahler reflects on rocky relationship with Lauren Conrad and battling alcoholism

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He was the bad boy of Laguna Beach, and then The Hills, but now Jason Wahler is older and wiser, and reflecting on his troubled time in the spotlight.

The former reality star has landed his own E! True Hollywood Story, which airs this Thursday evening, and is speaking candidly about his battle with alcoholism, and his famous exes.

Jason famously dated Lauren Conrad on The Hills, and Alex Murrel on Laguna Beach. And both of the lovely ladies got married this year within six weeks of each other.

While fans on The Hills watched LC cry over Jason on many an occasion, the reality star nowadays only has kind words to say about his former flame – but admits they don’t speak much.

‘I don’t really talk to Lauren at all anymore, the last time we talked was probably six months ago or something,’ he told Us Weekly. ‘She’s a sweet girl, and we are just totally different personalities and she is super, super sweet.

‘She’s very kind and good at what she does. We’re just two completely different personalities – [and] me being full-fledged in my addiction during that time, that did not help.’

Lauren, who dated Jason from 2005 to 2006, married William Tell on September 13 at a boutique winery in Santa Ynez, California.

The 27-year-old’s high school girlfriend Alex wed Kyle Johnson on October 25 at the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu – the very spot where Jason tied the knot with his ‘everything’ Ashley Slack a year earlier.

And Jason couldn’t help but tease his ex for choosing the same wedding venue as him.

‘I just found it funny that she got married at the same exact venue that I did,’ he told Us. ‘Literally at the same exact venue. And I talk to Alex, so I’m just giving her s***. She’s a sweet girl too.

‘I think after 10 years have gone by from the first day it aired, a lot of us have grown up and there’s not that tension anymore and this and that BS.’

He added: ‘A lot of us are actually talking more now than we did in the past, more the Laguna Beach cast. A lot of people are local still, so, it’s been interesting to watch it kind of transform into what it has.’

Jason insists that he is ‘not trying to get back on’ television with his E! True Hollywood story (which his wife will feature on), as well as a documentary which he is filming at the moment.

‘I’m just trying to express what my life is today compared to what it was,’ he explained. ‘I grew up very fortunate, I was privileged, I have a great family, my own morals and everything were lost through that experience of the entertainment business and it was something that I’ll never forget and it’s brought me exactly to where I am today.’

Jason has been candid about his alcohol addiction, and in 2010 appeared on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.

And while he believed he partied more due to being in the spotlight at a young age, the reality star doesn’t blame the shows for contributing to his drinking problems.

‘The first thing [people] ask me is “Do you blame those shows?” No. Not at all,’ Jason explained. ‘If anything, I’m grateful because it ignited the addiction faster, and I’m not 40 years old with a family suffering through it. It hit hard, and I was able to see it sooner than later.’

When Us Weekly asked the star what advice he would give his younger self, Jason initially quipped: ‘Don’t drink.’ But he then added to the website: ‘I was so caught up with stuff on the outside — what society depicts is awesome whether it’s fame, money, cars — it’s important to embrace in everything and spend more time with family and friends and things that I cherish so much now.’

Meanwhile, Alex has revealed that she is working on a Laguna Beach spin-off show alongside former co-stars Morgan Olsen and Taylor Cole, who were also in her bridal party.

‘It’s kind of like Laguna Beach but fast forward 10 years. It’s just a more mature version of what it was when we were in high school,’ the 27-year-old told TooFab.

As for why she decided to do the show, the newlywed said: ‘We had such a following from Laguna and we are amazed at the amount of people we had following us still 10 years later. Everyone’s always wondering what’s going on in your life and what you are doing.’

Source: DailyMail.com

Last modified: May 31, 2017