The Surprising Secret to Happiness You Could Be Overlooking in Your Life: Advice From Dr. Drew

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We sought advice from globally recognized relationship specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky on how to attain and sustain happiness in life. His take on what makes for a satisfying emotional state might surprise you.

Read on to learn why Dr. Drew believes gratitude is the most important aspect of true happiness.

Cultivating Gratitude in Difficult Times

Gratitude is the essential ingredient of happiness and of feeling good about what you’re doing, whatever it is. If you’re not feeling gratitude or if you can’t see a road to feeling grateful, change directions.

You may not feel grateful now. You may be in the middle of shit, up to your eyeballs in who knows what, but at least be grateful for the road. For the path. Once you have whatever it is you’ve accumulated, even if it is just the experience of having been through shit, just think about how grateful you are for that.

A Better Definition of Happiness

Gratitude is such an important emotion. For some reason, people don’t talk about it. People have lost track of what happiness is. I prefer Aristotle’s word for happiness, eudaimonia, which basically means, ‘flourishing.’

People who flourish feel grateful. People who stay sober feel grateful. People who are healthy feel grateful. Gratitude will fuel you so that if things start to go wrong, you’ll still at least have that.

Want more insight into happiness from Dr. Drew? Press play to listen to the full interview, where we discuss the psychology of becoming successful and how to find your true calling in life.

Last modified: June 7, 2017